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Brühl Palaces: Augustusburg and Falkenlust

Guided Excursions and Day Tours


Get an impressive insight into the bacchanal life that the former Elector and Cologne Archbishop led in his splendid official Augustusburg Palace and Falkenlust Hunting Lodge or quiet refuge. When the Archbishop as the ruler of Cologne was banished from the city at the end of the 13th century, Brühl developed into one of his most important residences. Instead of the mediaeval castle, during the baroque period a magnificent palace was constructed which continues to dominate the scene to this day. The Brühl palaces, Augustusburg as the main building and Falkenlust as a hunting lodge and refuge, impressively demonstrate the then extravagant life at the court of the Electors – and Cologne archbishops. Nature lovers will possibly prefer to take a look at the extensive baroque gardens and park.

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