Stories of a Zytturm keeper



Exciting theatrical tour around Zug's landmark.

Come along on an informative, amusing and theatrical guided tour around Zug's landmark with the Zytturmwächter figure steeped in history. You will meet the historically costumed Zytturmwächter at the scene of the action: under the 770-year-old Zytturm in Zug. You can't miss the tower guard in his blue and white striped pants, heavy coat, turret hat and lantern.

Of course he greets the visitors in real Zug dialect. First he shows you his tower and his "Wächterstübli" from the outside and tells you amazing things about the former city gate, the pillory and the old town life. Then it's time for the slow climb up into the tower. Balz Utiger, as the "Zyttumwächter" calls himself, knows how to inspire young and old with his lively, humorous stories and anecdotes.

High up in the tower watchman's room, he reveals a few things about his hard work, where he had to keep watch day after day in the old days. He shows the dark prisons and the big clockwork, talks about the town president on the punishment galley, about devastating fires and lightning, about disgusting rats and also makes amusing references to today's Zug.

A guided tour by Zug Tourism penned by Judith Stadlin and researched by Michael van Orsouw.


1h 15min

Meeting/end point: 

German (Swiss German, Zug dialect)

Group size: 
Max. 20 people per guide

CHF 390.00 per guide (incl. VAT).

The guided tours can be booked online with credit card or Twint. The tour is only considered a definite booking when you receive a confirmation from us. Short-term bookings (within 3 working days) are only possible on request. Guided tours for school classes can be booked on request.

For groups from Switzerland, invoicing is possible upon request (processing fee CHF 20.00).

Good to know:
The tour is not wheelchair accessible (many steps).

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