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DVD - La Vallée de l'Illiez


The Vallée de l'Illiez is a feature-length documentary set in the Illiez Valley, located in the Canton of Valais, Switzerland.
Inspired by the seven craggy peaks of the iconic Dents du Midi mountain range which stands guard over the valley, the film immerses itself in the daily lives of seven of its inhabitants. The characters, each very different from the other, tell their own story with the generosity and authenticity so characteristic to this region, offering up their unvarnished truths, as beautiful or brutal as they may be. Captured on film, the deceptively simple images and words plumb unsuspected depths, shedding light on geographic, environmental, and economic specificities of the valley, as well as its vast potential and future challenges.
Documentary film • 72 ’• French • 2019-2020 • Val-d´Illiez, Switzerland