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KölnCard 24h single ticket


Bus and train: free of charge ** Attractions and museums:up to 50 % ** Sightseeing and tours:up to 51 % ** Shopping:up to 15 % ** Events:up to 50 % ** Restaurants and activities:up to 50 %

How to use your KölnCard

Important for online bookings:

Please select the date and time when your KölnCard becomes valid. 

• The purchase of a KölnCard entitles the cardholder to enjoy the benefits listed in this flyer. Please note the opening hours of the service providers.

• You must present your KölnCard to the service provider before receiving the benefit that is being offered. Please note that you must present the card before you place your order at restaurants.

• The Group Card is valid for a maximum of five people.

• KölnCard holders can use all local public transportation within the city limits of Cologne free of charge, depending on the type of KölnCard. This right is valid for the buses, trams, commuter trains and regional trains (2nd class) of the transportation network.

• The KölnCard becomes valid as soon as the name of the cardholder (for a group card, the name of a group member) has been entered along with the date and the time reference. In order to use your KölnCard for free local public transportation, you must validate the card in the ticket stamping machine before your trip. The KölnCard remains valid for 24 or 48 hours after it is used or stamped for the first time, depending on the type of KölnCard.

• The card is non-transferable and is only valid in combination with an official personal ID.

• The purchase of a KölnCard does not entitle the holder to make warranty claims against the Cologne Tourist Board (KölnTourismus). The Cologne Tourist Board acts solely as in intermediary for the listed service providers. The Cologne Tourist Board assumes no liability for the individual benefits.

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