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Walking tour through the old town and the Cathedral’s Exterior

Guided School and Children’s Tours


Cologne is colorful and vibrant, old as well as new, cool but also relaxed. People from Cologne are tolerant and "jeck" (a little crazy), talkative and sometimes maybe a little bit superficial. People from Cologne are...so many things. But how did Cologne become the place it is? It all began around the "Year 0". From there on the Romans made their mark for 500 years. But then in the Middle Ages, they really got going: Cologne began constructing a XXL cathedral. Were the people of Cologne out of their mind? Why so huge and why so gothic? And where did all the money come from? Other than that, what is this carnival thing all about and the fuss revolving around "the right or wrong" side of the river Rhine? And then later, in 1945, it’s "Year 0" all again. How did they move on? Rebuild, party, forget, films and games… Experience the 1000 facets of our exciting city with your personal tour guide and consider the tour as a perfect preparation before you visit the Cathedral‘s interior.


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