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The Cologne Cathedral – The Exterior Tour

Museum and Church Experiences


Then and today - the view on this world famous building has been and still is a breathtaking experience. It took more than 600 years after the groundbreaking ceremony in 1248 until the Cathedral was completed in the 19th century. This one-hour outdoor tour tells the tale of the Cologne Cathedral. What were the reasons to construct a Gothic cathedral in the first place and why did it have to be so enormous? How did a crane become a landmark in the city and what does the star on top of the ridge turret signify? On this guided tour you will explore the cathedral from different perspectives, learn about the most curious details and understand more about previous buildings, war damage and undergoing reconstruction. Therefore the tour is an extraordinary experience about the World Heritage Cologne Cathedral. On top of it, explanations on the highlights of the interior are included. Thus, the tour serves as a perfect preparation for a self-organized visit.

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