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Jewish Heritage: Walking tour with visit to Cologne's Municipal Museum

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We take you on a tour in search of traces of Jewish life in the city. In doing so, we throw light on numerous facets between everyday life and persecution. As early as Roman times there were Jews living in Cologne and they are even recorded in documents. In the Middle Ages, the Jewish settlement area was close to the Town Hall. The Mikwe, the original ritual bath from the 12th century, one of the oldest in Germany, provides an impression of the ritual life of the Jews in the Middle Ages. Why did they have to leave Cologne so suddenly and when were they allowed to return? How did Jewish life develop in Cologne in the 19th and 20th centuries? – the answers are provided by this tour. Supplementary to this thematic guided tour, we also show you in Cologne’s Municipal Museum, how the discrimination and persecution of the Jews developed in the course of the centuries. Here, you will also see liturgical cult objects, in particular, from the 19th century, today part of the large Judaica collection.

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