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Museum of Applied Arts Cologne

Museum and Church Experiences


We show you one of the most important German collections of European applied art from the Middle Ages to the present day. Visit this museum and experience the charming facets of craftsmanship from the Middle Ages to the present day. The artistic imagination and style of the medieval craftsmen can be seen in a richly decorated jewelry comb with sliding compartments for cosmetics or a small wall cabinet with filigree perforated tracery. In the Renaissance, Italy's influence was evident in glass art, silk weaving and majolica. At MAK you can see excellent examples of this special type of pottery that has been painted in a colourful way. The selected examples of Venetian glass art will inspire you. In the 17th and 18th centuries we encounter artistic furniture, among others from David Roentgen, billiard carpets made of wool and silk, porcelain from Meissen, goldsmith works of the highest quality and much more. In contrast, the 19th century shows an almost unlimited variety of historical styles. But you will also find a large collection of Art Nouveau objects with French or German influences. The range of handicrafts in the 20th century extends from Art Déco, Bauhaus period, functionalism to postmodernism.(German: price for 2018: EUR 80 / prices for 2019: EUR 85) (Foreign language: price for 2018: EUR 90 / prices for 2019: EUR 95)

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