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Guided tour inside the romanesque church Saint Pantaleon

Museum and Church Experiences


The impressive church St. Pantaleon, located in the southwest of the city centre, still has a large building stock from its time of origin. It is one of the oldest sacral buildings in Cologne. The monumental church was built in the middle of the 10th century with the foundation of a Benedictine abbey by Archbishop Bruno. His married niece, the Byzantine Theophanu, continued construction after his death in 965. After her death she was buried in St. Pantaleon. Today her bones rest in a modern marble sarcophagus. A special feature of St. Pantaleon is the Baroque furnishings preserved in the choir. All other comparable churches in Cologne were removed in the course of the 19th century. In St. Pantaleon stands one of the two roodlions that still exist in Cologne. The reliquaries of St. Albinus and St. Maurinus, both from the late 12th century, are also outstanding. 

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