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The special Kölsch tour

Legendary and Local Tours


During this entertaining walk through Cologne's old town you can get to know Kölsch in all its diversity. You will learn what you always wanted to know about this top-fermented beer speciality and delicacies such as Himmel un Aäd or Kölscher caviar. Even Köbes and Zappes will no longer be foreign words to you. The much-vaunted barley juice is enjoyed freshly tapped here as a quick beer at the bar. Cologne's hospitality and lively brewery culture are best experienced up close. On this amusing city tour through the old town you can enjoy a typical Cologne meal in addition to the liquid Kölsch. After this Kölsch tour you will be served a three-course menu in a rustic and cosy brewery, the Bierhaus en d'r Salzgass.(German: EUR 210) (Foreign language: EUR 250)


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