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Walking tour in the old town with a visit to the Historic Town Hall

Guided Walking Tours


On foot you explore with us the closer cathedral environment and the old town. A large part of the most important sights in Cologne are concentrated on one square kilometre around the cathedral, town hall and old town with the Romanesque church Groß St. Martin. In the narrow, cobbled alleys of the old town and in lively squares such as the Alter Markt you get a feeling for life in the cathedral town yesterday and today. Especially the town hall is an excellent example to experience yesterday and today side by side. On the one hand, the building is characterised by its almost intact Renaissance bower with its outstanding relief work and the rebuilt Ratsturm. The Hansasaal, a 14th century hall, still hosts festive receptions and welcomes dignitaries from all over the world. On the other hand, the so-called Spanish Building was erected in the 1950s after the previous building was completely destroyed during the war. Among others, the City Council of Cologne meets here.

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