Museum Pass "Cradle of Switzerland"


Embark on a voyage of discovery into times gone by in Altdorf, Bürglen and Schwyz. With the Museum Pass Cradle of Switzerland you can immerse yourself in the historical background of the myth of William Tell and the origin of the Swiss Confederation.

Take advantage of the Cradle of Switzerland Museum Pass: you pay once and can visit all five participating museums in loose order. The pass is valid for two years from the date of issue and is available at the five museums as well as at the tourist information offices in Altdorf and Brunnen.

In the Bundesbriefmuseum in Schwyz, the most famous document of Switzerland is on display: the Bundesbrief of 1291 between Uri, Schwyz and Nidwalden. Today it is probably the most famous historical document of Switzerland, which for a long time was regarded as the founding document of the Swiss Confederation. Here you will not only be informed about this extraordinary document, but also about the history of the old Swiss Confederation and its myths.


Swiss National Museum | Forum of Swiss History Schwyz
The Forum of Swiss History is a cultural-historical place of experience with interactive exhibitions and exciting events. With the new permanent exhibition "Entstehung Schweiz. On the way from the 12th to the 14th century", the Forum of Swiss History Schwyz shows how the old Swiss Confederation came into being in the Middle Ages. In the temporary exhibition, in the basement of the museum, current topics are taken up and presented in a contemporary manner.

Ital Reding House Schwyz
A look behind the walls of the Ital Reding Hofstatt is worthwhile. The house is one of the most impressive buildings in the old country of Schwyz. With its state rooms, the rich interior decoration and the baroque garden, it conveys the splendor of a 17th century manor house and thus shows the building and living culture of that time. Within the enclosing wall, there are the manor house, the house Bethlehem and the farm building (today, the cantonal library).

Historical Museum Uri
The historical museum of Uri has a permanent and a temporary exhibition. In the different exhibition rooms of the permanent exhibition, you can follow the cultural life and the history of Uri from the first traces of man to the life in the Middle Ages and the stagecoach to clothing and living. The most diverse objects give you an insight into history: ecclesiastical artifacts, a collection of wooden sculptures, portraits of important historical personalities, the replica of a Celtic gold treasure or an Alemanni grave.

Tell Museum Bürglen
He is known all over the world: Wilhelm Tell is the man who, under duress of the Habsburg bailiff Gessler, shot an apple from his son's head with a crossbow. In the Tell Museum in Bürglen you have the possibility to get to know the Swiss national hero William Tell better in the context of an interesting collection of historical objects. The museum does not aim to prove the existence of William Tell - but to question the hero and his position in society.

Do you feel like more history? Then visit the following historical sites in addition to the museums listed above: Infocenter Morgarten, Hohle Gasse Küssnacht, Rütliwiese at Lake Lucerne and the Tellsplatte Sisikon.


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